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This page will answer any frequently asked questions, if you require any further details please email

All booking can be made online through the book now tab



Are dogs allowed? 

Yes, well behaved dogs are allowed in all areas of the venue and water bowls are available.  We love dogs as long as they stay with your party, they are more than welcome. 


Can I vape or smoke in the domes?

Nope- just like any inside area, you cannot do this and if you do you may be asked to leave.


Can I bring drinks from Festival Village into the domes?

No, this is another venue and drinks from here cannot be brought it. 


Why are the toilets so far away?

Cask is a converted tourist information centre and this is where the toilets were situated when we converted the venue. 


What time do you close?

Our outside areas close at 10pm but our inside areas stay open until 1am


Can I extend my Secret Dome booking by more than 2 hours?

This may be available on the day, however due to demand this isn't always possible and is up to the discretion of management. 


Can I order Lichen Kitchen in the domes? 

Yes Lichen Kitchen is available in the domes. Wednesday to Sunday for full menu and charcuterie boards on Monday and Tuesday


What happens if I don't meet the minimum spend in the domes? 

If you don't meet the minimum spend there will be a booking charge to your bill. 


Where are you located?

We are located behind Festival village onto of Waverley Station.. look for the big pinnacle 


What time can children stay until

Under 18's must be away from the premises by 8pm. unfortunately children are not allowed in our Secret Dome area

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